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Nigeria is located in the western coast of Africa. It is the most populous country in Africa with an estimated population of 140 million people. It has about 250 ethnic groups each with it's peculiar dialect. But there are principally three major languages - Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa. The country comprises of diverse groups of interesting individuals, religions and cultures. Nigeria boast of one of the most vibrant and free press in Africa. We've given you brief reviews of the prominent Nigerian newspapers and their respective website addresses. If you want another newspaper included, please send us a brief description and we'll include it within 24-48 hours.  >> More Information About Nigeria

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Featured Nigerian Newspapers

Nigerian Tribune
The Nigerian Tribune is the oldest surviving private newspaper in Nigeria. It was established by one of Nigeria's foremost nationalists, leader of the banned Action Group and leader of the Yoruba's - Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Nigerian Tribune is devoted to catering to interest of the common Nigerian citizen.

Nigeria Punch Newspaper
The Punch newspaper is one of the most widely read Nigerian dailies. The news coverage includes politics, sports, business, entertainment and other cogent issues. It is also one of the oldest and creditable newspapers. The site has  undergone remarkable improvement.

The Guardian
The Guardian newspaper is an independent Nigerian Newspaper that strives to disseminate news information without prejudice or bias towards of any political party. It is one of the most reputable Nigerian newspapers.

The Sun Newspaper
The Sun is a locally produced Nigerian daily. Even though the newspaper is widely read by varying age groups, it main objective is to target the young adults

ThisDay Newspaper
This is an online representation of one of the popular Nigerian daily newspapers. It covers all sorts of news about Nigeria, with particular emphasis on Nigerian politics.

Daily Trust Newspaper
The daily Trust Newspaper was the first Nigerian newspaper published in Abuja. The News Coverage includes Nigerian Politics, Arts & Entertainment, Information Technology, Health, and also international events. It is a trusted News resource .

The Tide
The Tide Newspaper is owned and operated by the Rivers State Newspaper Corporation. It came into existence December 1971 and tends to favor local news

Financial Standard News
Financial Standard newspaper which is published weekly, focuses on providing trade news, investment analysis, financial advice and money management. It also covers other issues such as health, Market analysis and Energy updates

Vanguard Newspapers
The Vanguard newspaper covers local and national news, politics, business, sports and the Niger Delta region. The online site needs improvement. Vanguard  is a force to be reckoned with, but the online website design needs a facelift.

Triumph Newspaper
Triumph Newspaper is being published in Kano state and is increasingly gaining popularity.

Featured World News
Additional Newspapers
  • Arewa Online News
  • Business Hallmark News
  • National Daily Newspaper
  • Champion Newspaper
  • Business Day
  • The Nation Newspaper
  • Leadership Nigeria
  • Sahara Reporters
  • The Nigerian Observer
  • New Nigerian Newspapers
  • Newswatch Magazine

    Featured Articles

    Edo: Roads Rehabilitation Commenced: The Edo State governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is poised at fulfilling those electoral campaign promises to the good people of the state that: ‘‘should he be elected to govern, the terrible lanes of misery and the source of social discomfort and the symbols of bad leadership shall be a thing of the past’’. This promise; coming from an all times supporter and defender of the downtrodden and a trusted Comrade settled his choice in the minds of the electorate for a change in governance they had long awaited; one that they can zero in on its deliverability.

    Is Michael Jackson Really Dead? : What kind of eulogy does Michael Jackson (MJ) deserve? It’s doubtful if anyone English professor is assigned the task of drafting MJ’s tribute, that, the write-up would satisfy half the readers because different people have too many good things to share about this distinguished man who mattered so much especially to the folks in Warri-Nigeria. MJ was not only an inspiration to people but he actually impacted huge millions of people/homes with joy across the globe.

    Palm Wine Sellers Paid Tax In Western Region, 1952!: IT has been hue and cry since Adams Oshiomhole-led administration come clean on enforcing the Federal, State, and Local Government tax laws as entrenched in our status books of taxation. It’s worthy of note to educate and silence the idle critics of Edo State tax administration and draw a critical balance between 1952 and 2006 tax laws where it is a must for every citizen of Nigeria to pay his or her tax as at when due.



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